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‘All by myself’

Daan didn’t have an easy childhood. His parents were unable to raise him. And although he loved his foster parents, he often got in trouble. At a young age, he was diagnosed with ADHD and a few years later also with ODD. When got expelled from school, started using marijuana, and became involved in criminal activities, it was decided to commit him to a youth care institution.

Daan didn’t improve there. He still got into many – sometimes violent – conflicts. These were never his fault, he always blamed others. Neither his carers, nor his foster parents knew what to do anymore.

When Vanessa Olivier-Pijpers (CCE) got involved, she dug more deeply into Daan’s case. Once she worked out what was really causing Daan´s challenging behaviour, successful interventions could be created.

I10 - All By Myself - Vanessa Olivier-Pijpers (Case-Based Learning) - CCE.mp4