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Balancing self-determination and boundaries

Awakening from a coma two months after being hit by a car, five-year-old Maarten has lost the strength in his arms and legs. He also has visual, speech and cognitive problems. After two years of rehabilitation, he returns home to his parents.

Caring for Maarten becomes very difficult for his parents, and at eleven years of age he moves into a home for children with intellectual disabilities. After several happy years, Tom starts to display challenging behaviour. He is given medication which reduces this challenging behaviour, but unfortunately the medication’s side-effects result in dangerous situations for Maarten. And Maarten – now an adult – feels that his autonomy is slowly but surely being eroded.

Leonie Stokkentre is Maarten’s behavioural specialist and faces the difficult task of balancing between Maarten's autonomy and his safety.

Case 03 - Balancing self-determination and boundaries - Leonie Stokkentre - Case-Based Learning (CCE The Netherlands)