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Tom's disrupted sensory processing

The world is too much for Tom. He is 12 years old and has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Multiple complex developmental disorder (MCDO), to be more precise. This type of ASD is characterized by anxieties and, less often, by auditory hallucinations. As is also typical for ASD, Tom's sensory processing is disrupted and he is easily overstimulated, resulting in challenging behaviour.

Tom attends a special education class, but this is put to a halt due to his increasing challenging behaviour. Home schooling and home care seem to be the solution for Tom, but not for his parents. Since all family life becomes focused on Tom, the family becomes totally isolated.

The key to improvement lies in Tom’s sensory processing. By changing his environment, outside stimuli becomes less stressful for Tom. CCE consultant Hubine Moons tells how she examined Tom's sensory processing and which solutions were implemented.

I04 - Tom's Disrupted Sensory Processing - Henriëtte Ettema (Case-Based Learning).mp4