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Caring about complex trauma

Mia lives in her bedroom. She is lonely, sad, and stressed out. She can´t really talk about what´s bothering her. But at a certain point, she explodes. She hits and pinches her carers. She spits at them and she´s verbally aggressive. Carers feel both sorry for her and scared of her.

Mia´s parents and some of her siblings have an intellectual disability. Her parents weren´t able to provide a stable home environment. Neglect caused Mia to develop attachment issues. On top of that, Mia was sexually abused by one of her brothers and later by her boyfriend and other men.

Behavioral specialists Tosca Sebus and Esma Kahveci want to help Mia and change this isolated way of living. They know that Mia´s situation is complex — as the trauma is complex — but they are determined to improve Mia’s quality of life. But where to start?

I08 - Caring about Complex Trauma - Tosca Sebus and Esma Kahveci (Case-Based Learning).mp4