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If you let go, his hands are free

Rick is curious, loves to wear sunglasses, and likes to look at red traffic lights. But lately, he no longer can. His freedom is curtailed by medication and physical restraints. When he is unrestrained and unmedicated, he hits himself or bangs his head against anything in his vicinity, including his carers. He often has bleeding wounds as a result of his self-injurious behaviour, and his carers fear brain or eye injury. Or worse.

One day, Esther Bisschops notices that Rick manages to drink a glass of milk by himself during an episode of severe self-injurious behaviour. She realizes that Rick is capable of so much more than everyone thinks he is… She decides to dramatically change things for Rick.

I06 - When You Let Go His Hands Are Freed - Esther Bisschops (CCE - Case Based Learning).mp4