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The dynamics in John’s team

John’s carers disagree on why he exhibits severe self-injurious behaviour. Is he manipulating everybody to get what he wants? Or is he not capable of handling stress due to his attachment issues and delayed emotional development? Whichever it is, the team’s disagreement seems to exacerbate the problems to such a degree that John’s life comes to a standstill and he does not participate in many activities anymore. He is in restraints for most of the time.

After having tried almost everything, Anja Faber, John’s behavioural specialist, decides to change tactics. She shifts the focus away from John and his self-injurious behaviour to John’s team and how they interact with each other. Chances are, John won’t change. So, the team has to change for him.

John passed away in 2022 at the age of fifty.

I05 - The Dynamics in John's Team - Anja Faber (Case-Based Learning).mp4