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CCE's operating principles

Focus on the client

Our work is client-based. Starting from the client's perspective, we strive to explain problem behaviour by answering the questions: what exactly is the client experiencing and what environmental factors are causing the behaviour? In tandem with caregivers and client representatives, we explore what the client needs.


Fresh external perspective

The use of external experts is essential to our method. These experts are deployed so that we can furnish unbiased, customised advice which is not limited to a single care sector.



Discussions and dialogue are at the heart of our search for solutions. Caregivers, relatives, friends and other external parties are always our interlocutors. Our role is strictly temporary andis intended as an adjunct to existing care.


Specialised in complex care

We share the expertise and experience resulting from consultations and assessment reviews with care professionals. To facilitate improvements in complex care, we also provide feedback to care institutions related to work processes, cultural aspects and structural organisation.