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CCE accepts applications for consultation when there are serious concerns about a client’s quality of life. Sometimes, individuals can fall between the cracks. He or she has complicated medical and/or psychological problems, exhibits severe problem behaviour or seems to have bleak future prospects. CCE takes action only when problems cannot be resolved within the standard healthcare system. Care professionals can also consult CCE for a second opinion about an existing care plan. No costs result from enlisting CCE’s aid; CCE is fully funded by the government.

CCE has a large pool of consultants throughout the Netherlands, who advise on the possibilities of better treatment and care for clients. They are professionals such as (educational) psychologists, behavioural experts, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. These professionals are not on CCE payroll, but are temporarily enlisted on the basis of their expertise.

It is because CCE only deals with complex issues that its approach is multidisciplinary, using different points of departure and a wide range of specialties. After all, factors such as the physical and social environment of clients can be a factor.