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The CCE approach - Organisational aspects

The 13th European Congress of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability (EAMHID) was held in Berlin from September 23- 25, 2021. The central theme was 'From Science to Practice'.
Peter Koedoot, Anouschka Jansen and Vanessa Olivier-Pijpers presented 'The CCE approach'. One of the themes of this approach are the 'Organisational aspects' explained by Vanessa Olivier-Pijpers, project manager expertise management at CCE.



The research was conducted to study the relationships between the organisational environment and challenging behaviour in residents with intellectual disabilities. Bronfenbrenner’s ecology theory was used to explore these relationships.


From science to practice

Using a holistic ecological perspective in the support of people with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour can positively impact their daily lives. There are opportunities to enhance support services at all ecological system levels.

The CCE Approach - Organisational Aspects - Vanessa Olivier-Pijpers (CCE)